7 Tips To Prepare


7 Tips to Prepare for the National Games

The AYSO National Games 2014 are just around the corner! Taking place in Torrance and Riverside, Calif., on Sunday, June 29 through Sunday, July 6, the Games will feature core, EXTRA and VIP teams from around the country. Are you taking a team to the National Games? Here are seven tips to help you make the most out of your National Games experience.

1. Don’t forget team about check-in – Team check-in will be Sunday, June 29; Monday, June 30; and Tuesday, July 1. To view the check-in times, click here. Remember, your team will have to be checked in to participate in Tuesday’s Opening Ceremonies.

2. Give each one of the parents a job to do – You’ll likely be traveling with several parents of the players on your team. Remember, many hands make light work, and it builds team spirit. It also would be a good idea to bring a team referee or two and have them referee some games while the team isn’t playing.

3. Read the rules – That way, you will know what’s expected of you during the Games. Even if you’ve been to the National Games before, re-reading the rules can be a great refresher.

4. Become a pin collector – Make sure to get enough pins, patches and flip coins for exchanging and trading between games. It’s a fun contest to see who can collect the most unusual pin or coin from a Region that’s furthest away.

5. Bring your banner – Before the commencement of every National Games, there is an Opening Ceremony. Be sure to bring along your banner so you can represent your team!

6. Get ready for activities – The fun doesn’t stop with soccer, there’s a lot of fun to be had at the Games outside of the soccer fields. Opening Ceremonies, SoccerFest, the youth and volunteer events, awards ceremonies and more. Highlight events on the schedule that you’ll want to attend, and plan your National Games experience around those times.

7. Help out VIP – Everyone who volunteers for the National Games VIP activities says it is a very rewarding experience! For more information on volunteering for VIP at the National Games, contact Colleen Dalit.